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Chemicals for Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical Industries

Oil Well Acidizing (Stimulation)

Oil wells often need stimulation in order to improve their productivity. Acidizing chemicals are injected into the oil well to dissolve the oil well matrix through chemical reactions and permeability which leads to higher production rates.

Travis Iran produces a variety of acidizing (stimulation) chemicals for the abovementioned purpose. The following is a list of such chemicals:

Chemical NameID Code
Acid Corrosion InhibitorCI-222N
Acid RetarderAR-99
Corrosion Inhibitor IntensifierCI-223
Hydrogen Sulfide ScavengerTCI-H2SS
Iron ControlIRON-104
Mutual SolventCHEMSOL
Suspending AgentSA-31

Oil Well Cementing

As drilling proceeds further down toward the oil and gas reservoir beneath the surface of the ground and the oil well becomes deeper, it is necessary to seal and protect the oil well bore by reinforcing it with cement. Since oil well cement needs to be made compatible or resistant to the environmental conditions both above ground and down-hole in the well, certain additives are mixed with the cement slurry.

Through cooperation with Aubin Group, a renowned oilfield chemicals company based in Scotland, Travis Iran produces quality cementing additives categorized into the following groups:

Chemical NameID Code
Anti-Gas MigrationCFL-386
Cement DispersantCD-1B
Cement DispersantCD-8
Cement SpacerCSP-500
Chemical WashCW-20
Fluid Loss AdditiveCFL-585
Fluid Loss AdditiveCFL-550
Gas Block AdditiveCFL-388
High Temperature Fluid Loss AdditivesCFL-222
High Temperature RetarderCR-450
High Temperature RetarderCR-120SB
Liquid ExtenderCX-1
Low Temperature Fluid Loss AdditiveCR-325
Low Temperature RetarderCR-104
Low Temperature RetarderCR-400

Corrosion Inhibition

Chemical NameID Code
Corrosion InhibitorTI-144/OS
Continuous Corrosion InhibitorTI-162
Corrosion InhibitorTI-198
Corrosion InhibitorTI-1120
Corrosion InhibitorTI-1133
Corrosion InhibitorTI-1125
Corrosion InhibitorTI-NO/51
Corrosion InhibitorTX-1100MS
Corrosion InhibitorTX-1304
Drill Pipe Corrosion InhibitorTCI-750
Hydrocarbon Processing Corrosion InhibitorTR-1257
Thermal Stable Corrosion InhibitorTX-1100AS

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